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Neetclick: Your Digital Growth Agency

Who We Are

Founded in 2014, Neetclick has helped SMEs, startups, and businesses get more customers online and achieve long term digital growth. 

Our Philosophy

We believe in honest and ethical marketing, and we help businesses attract clients by being trustworthy and authoritative. We grow your online presence by turning your website into a trustworthy source of answers. 

What We Do

We help Singapore SMEs attract more traffic to their website, and at the same time giving them a competitive advantage that turns strangers into customers more easily. 

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Brands we work with

Meet the founders


Director of Growth

Responsible for growth.

He has helped businesses grow with SEO and content marketing since 2010. 


Director of Operations

Responsible for everything else.

She has managed SEO, lead generation and online advertising campaigns since 2014.

Our journey

A short timeline of how we came to be, and some minor points of interest.

Aug 2014
Humble beginnings
Neetclick LLP

Neetclick was founded in 2014 when Marcus and Carin wanted to help SMEs in Singapore in their own way. 

Before that, Marcus owned a SEO blog called Seogoodguys.com.sg and helped SEO clients that reached him on the blog. 

July 2018
First Google Event
Google Dance

Marcus is invited to Google Dance. Google Dance is a gathering of website owners, webmasters and web developers, hosted by the Google Search team.


July 2018
SEO Training
SEO Workshop for Shopmatic

We were invited to run an SEO workshop for the vendors and partners of Shopmatic, an Ecommerce Platform. We taught participants the basics of SEO, and how they can optimize their online stores to drive more organic traffic.

October 2019
Another Google Event
Google Webmaster Conference

We attended the Google Webmaster Conference, where we learnt about Google updates, new products, and the future of Search.

March 2021
Neetclick Relaunch

Neetclick LLP converts to Neetclick Pte Ltd. We revamped our website and improved on internal processes. These were just small steps we had to make as we continue to grow and evolve.

May 2021
New office
Moving into new office

We moved into our new office at Mountbatten Square. (We gained a bit of weight after eating the good food at Old Airport Road Food Centre...)

2021 and onwards
What does the future of Neetclick hold?

Let us be part of your business's success. 

Ready to build trust and grow your digital presence?

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